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Easy Steps to a Perfect Profile

Getting an Edge in Dating

  Many people are finding out each day that getting on the best online dating sites isn’t the only key to finding the right people to date. Those who want to get the right message across and to meet new people need to make sure that they begin with the very best profiles in order to get the right attention.

  Learning how to make a profile, or simply how to craft the type that will grab the attention of those you would like to get to know isn’t as difficult as you may think.


  The very first step is to find the right online dating community for you, without this you may as well be casting your net blindly. Check out some online dating reviews, community forums and even do a little of your own research to ensure that you’re choosing from the top dating websites with the best reputations and overall success in romance.


 For those that aren’t sure which site would best suit their needs here are a few suggestions to follow before setting up your profile:

  • Free online dating or low costs sites can be poor choices to save a few bucks because they do not offer you the wide variety of online dating advice and help that top tier sites do. Another problem with these sites is that they tend to attract predators and con artists because there is no need to verify a person’s identity. Without a form of payment there is little site can do to verify that a person is who they claim to be, so keep this in mind when looking at budget dating.
  • There are many different types of dating sites and you want to make sure that you choose the right one for the type of people you are seeking. Choosing a site that caters to flirting and singles looking just to have fun may not be the right place for one who is looking for a deeper relationship. Keep this in mind when looking at a site review so that you can target your core audience.
  • Once you have narrowed down the type of community that would be right for you, and what kind of success others have experiences making use of the site, check out what kind of specials may be offered by the site. Many online dating communities offer trial periods, coupons and other incentives for new members which can allow you to get a feel for the community before you spend a penny. This will give you the time to get comfortable before investing in the site and a chance to see what the community has to offer.

  Profile Creation:

  A good first step to creating is to look at dating profile examples which appeal to you. What catches your eye and how might you incorporate similar features into your own profile. Take some time to do a little browsing and note anything that you believe will catch the attention of the others you seek to meet.


  Most online dating advice about profiles can become complicated and even a little shady when it comes to the details of your life. At some point you will need decide just how far you’re willing to stretch and bend the truth in order to get attention. Most people try to highlight their best features and list interests and life goals, but obviously they tend to leave out bad habits and negative traits.

  While it is understandable that dating for singles is about attracting the right people, if you seek to find a meaningful relationship you will need to be careful about how you present yourself. Those who choose to embellish too much may get a great deal of attention, but lose it after the first date when the truth is revealed.

  3-Easy Steps Profile Creation:

  • Keep your statements simple, light and inviting. Taking the opportunity in your profile to rant about life isn’t the best way to attract others and you need the highlights to pop out a grab attention. Make sure that you list your best features first as you might lose someone further down the page or in a more detailed section.

    Consider your profile from a quick glance point of view and create one that will hand over the best highlights quickly enough that a person who is browsing might be inclined to read more about you. Take any opportunities you have for using quick descriptions or tags that other might be more inclined to read rather than large body of text. This includes filling out any information that can be used in a database to help match you with others.

  • Get a good picture(s) of yourself to post and be sure that it is of you, not some other person who you think is attractive, or a version of you that is horribly outdated. Be honest about how you look, but do take the time to get a pose that puts you in your  best light.

    Profiles without pictures are often over looked so skipping this stage is not recommended. Remember too that you’re tryin g to target a specific group so it’s important that your photo is also age, gender and relationship type appropriate for the best chances of catching attention.
  • Allow those getting a peek into your head to know what it is that you’re looking for in another person. Don’t be afraid to list qualities that you believe are important in your mate as this will help narrow the selection to the most likely candidates available.


    If you’re worried about being to specific and would like to the option of choosing from more people, select the top five most important traits and leave the others to be revealed during more intimate circumstances.

  Once you have finished crafting your masterpiece remember that it is important to update it with any new information so that others can see you’re actively looking within the community. Including pictures from your life can be a great way to freshen up your profile without too much effort while allowing others some insight into your world.

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