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  With the busy lives that so many people lead it can be difficult to find, or even have time for, a dating relationship that takes time and effort. More and more people are struggling with trying to maintain a solid romance and balance the remaining portions of their lives.

  Another problem that many people experience when looking for serious singles is finding someone that they can easily mesh with. When one is looking for the love of their life it is important to find someone with similar interests and life goals so that the blending of two lives is managed with as little difficulty as possible.

  Many of the same old dating scenes are very poor places to find someone who is interested in a long-term relationship. Those hoping for some serious matchmaking may find interesting people in places like bars or clubs, but all too often the atmosphere of such locations does not allow people to truly get to know one another. Though certainly not every person who is out having a good time isn’t open to a serious introduction, many people who are out at such locations are looking for a no strings attached relationship and may end up disappointing you.


  When setting out to find the person of your dreams it is important to know what you’re looking for. Understanding what type of traits would most excite you and which might be most likely to keep you away is a necessary part of finding the right person.

  Making too many compromises in the negative direction happens far too often when individuals feel as though their search for the right partner is becoming too difficult. Because of this, many people find themselves stuck in relationships that do not truly make them happy and maybe missing opportunities for a real match.

  For all of these reasons it is important to do a little planning before setting out to find the right person. Wasting your time and energy on people and places that are unlikely to meet your needs is a loss almost no single person can afford.

  Serious Dating Locations:

  • Shared Activities: Finding the right person casually might just turn serious when you’re meeting under the right circumstances. Meeting singles when you’re out enjoying activities that you particularly favor is a wonderful way to met people who you are likely to share some interests with. Don’t be afraid to approach someone and ask them out when you spot someone interesting who shares your passions.
  • Matchmaking: Many people are hesitant to date people that come recommended by friends; if it goes badly there are usually hurt feelings. However, if you should happen to have a close friend who knows you well and you trust their judgment, the results can be quite amazing.
  • Online: One of the greatest places to find those who are interesting in serious dating is on the internet. Right off the bat you have the advantage of knowing that almost everyone you come in contact with is looking for a meaningful experience and nothing casual if you sign up with the right online dating community. This type of dating is also a great time saver as you often have help in eliminating people from your list of potentials based on your compared profiles and start-up questions. Dating on the internet also allows you the access to thousands, if not millions of people, who you would never normally meet which may increase your chances for finding that perfect special someone.
  • Community Mixers: Meeting other singles within your local community can be a great way to introduce yourself to people of a more serious nature who might be interested in a real relationship. Though the tone of such events is often more casual and fun, many people who attend such events are invested in their community and are hoping to welcome others.

  Time Wasting:

  One of the most important things to avoid when looking for more serious dating relationships are those people who are obviously going to waste your time. Not only do most people have little time to spare, but you may miss some great opportunities in the process. It is extremely important that you look for any not so serious signs when dating someone so that you can avoid being misled.

  Casual Only Signs to Watch for:

  • Unwilling to commit to future plans such as trips, concerts or other events that take place at some point in the future.

  • Invests little time in getting to understand your daily life.

  • Does not ask questions about your background, future or family.

  • Never discusses future plans with you.

  • Makes no mention of your being included in their future plans.

  • Never spends the night.


  • Never makes plans too far in advance.

  • Does not discuss spending holidays together or meeting family.

  • Their friends know little or nothing about you.

  • Has not introduced you to their friends.

  • Has not announced your relationship in anyway (e.g.: telling friends, facebook, informing family members)

  Watching out for any sign that leads you to believe that a person you are dating has no intention of getting serious can help you to avoid wasting time. Don’t hesitate to ask if you feel uncertain as so many people do; though you may run the risk of scaring the person off, if that’s all it takes you’re usually better off letting them go.

  However you choose to go about finding that special someone in your life it is important to know what you want and where you stand the best chance of finding the right kind of people to meet. Taking the time to prepare yourself so that you improve your chances for success is a great way to help you find love faster and allow you more time to spend with the person you’ve been waiting for.

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