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Sensual Spots on a Women You May Not Know About

  Most people know about the basic erogenous zones, places on the body which stimulate sexual feeling; however there are some women who have particularly interesting spots that you may have never thought to touch. Though it might take a little time to find out which places on the body are particularly sensitive it can greatly stimulate your physical interaction or make your sex life a great deal more exciting.

  Common Spots: On a woman the most common go-to spots for stimulation or the breasts/nipples; the clitoris and in some cases massaging the buttocks. These are well known to most people before they even begin their sex lives as they have either heard about, read about or watched this kind of interaction already. While these may be key spots to touch when arousing a woman, there are many more places on the body that might not only stimulate, but  can induce a stronger reaction that could lead to a more fulfilling experience for both partners.


  It is important to remember that each woman is different when it comes to what stimulates her and even if you have experienced many women enjoying a particular type of touch this does not mean the next woman you get physical with will automatically want to be touched the same way. It can also be important to rotate the style, order or manner in which you touch a woman; the element of surprise is often a successful method for arousal; while sticking to the same routine can often create a boring bedroom life.

Some Common Places:

  Only by asking or touching will you know which spots a woman most likes to be touched in and this might be little intimidating for inexperienced lovers, or those who greatly wish to please their lady. By taking it slow and paying close attention the response of the woman you can easily find out which spots most tickle her fancy and how to touch them.

  • The Neck: Several pressure points exist in the neck and for this reason many people enjoy it being massaged to relieve tension in the head and certain parts of the body; this can also be an excellent stimulation point and is one shared by many females, though perhaps in different locations. While the skin on your neck isn’t always particularly sensitive it can still be an excellent erogenous zone for psychological reasons. The neck is a very vulnerable spot, instinctively most people are very aware of this and some even have difficulty being touched on the neck for this reason; knowing how vulnerable a certain spot on the body is and having this part touched can be very stimulation to a woman.

       Being touched on the neck can both feel good and induce many different types of mental stimulation relating to the idea of being dominated. This small representation of being dominated can make a woman feel delicate while feeling her partner is strong; it can feel a little bit dangerous, which is also a source of stimulation for many women as long as this interaction is not taken to o far. Touching, rubbing and kissing the neck are generally great spots for arousal on a woman and in some cases maybe more sensual than some of the more obvious ones.


  • The Inner Thigh: Bordering on a major erogenous zone without actually touching it can be a great way to tease a woman and in doing so stimulate her sexually. The skin in the inner thighs is often quite sensitive to the touch and maybe very ticklish so it a good idea to be very careful when approaching how to interact with this part of the body. Laughter can enhance or ruin a sexual experience depending on how both partners feel about it, or assume it’s meaning; be careful to pay attention to how your partner not only reacts physically to more ticklish spots but also how she feels in general; some women do not enjoy being tickled and will find this a complete turn off, while others will find it fun and exciting. If caressing does not work in this area a firmer touch might be needed or perhaps use of the mouth rather than hands, experiment to find out whether or not this spot is the right one.

  • The Ears: Not only do some women greatly enjoy a light kiss, or even bite, on the earlobes but it is also here that her audio stimulation will take place. Many people have tried or the very least know about dirty talk in the bedroom, however many often forget that it is not so much which words are chosen, but how they are spoken. Know how to speak in a sensual manner, which words will sound sexy and which, when spoken, do not excite as well is an important part of many women’s sexual experience. This knowledge can be useful in stimulating a woman hours before you are able to be in a physical situation with her; this waiting alone can be an erotic experience as it creates a pleasurable tension in the mind and body. Even in online dating communities this approach is utilized before two people can meet in person, in some cases an online relationship can endure months of sexual discussion and arousing words before two people meet in person; this often leads to intense desire for one another.

Less Well Known Spots:

  • The Feet: While some women may find feet repulsive in general, others greatly enjoy a little attention to a part of the body which receives a lot of wear a tear. This is often a tender spot, though the skin is toughened from constant use, when touched it can induce feelings of tenderness and caring that can in some cases be an excellent stimulant. Many pressure points can be found in the feet and some of these, when touched the right way, can stimulate feeling in completely different areas of the body which can produce very interesting forms of arousal.

  • The Hands: Like the feet, hands also have many pressure points in them which can awaken feelings in other parts of the body. This kind of indirect stimulation can in some cases be more arousing than going directly to the source. Touching the hand can also stimulate psychological feelings that are sexual; it can be viewed as tender and endearing, a sign of not only physical attraction but of adoration and though this may only be noticed by the subconscious, can still be greatly alluring.

  • The Knees: While touching the inner thigh might be a way of teasing a more sensitive area, simply by not touching it the knees bring about much of the same of the same feeling only at an even greater distance. The knee on a woman may come in contact with many objects on any given day; bumping a desk; another knee if seated closely to another person or even a friendly pat; though none of this contact feels sexual it borders the thighs which when touched do produce sexual feelings. Lingering around the knee with hands or mouth is a form of teasing with touch; it is personal but you have not crossed into strictly sexual areas; the buildup of such desire can produce strong sexual feelings.


  • The Stomach: The lower stomach is a very tender spot on a woman both physically and psychologically; not only does this part of the body lead to one of the most important erogenous zones, but it is beneath this skin that a woman carries her children which can cause a woman to feel very protective of this section of the body, even when she is not pregnant. Teasing this area with hands or mouth gives the promise of moving toward an incredibly erotic spot and can be therefore used as a way of building up that tension, which can eventually produce a more fulfilling sexual experience.
   Many more unique locations on a woman ’s body maybe found through careful exploration; it is important to remember that these spots can produce strong sexual feelings and should not be discounted simply because they are not the normal spots a person attends to when having a sexual experience with a woman. A great deal of an enjoyable, sexual experience depends on both physical and mental stimulation and for that reason almost nothing can be discounted when trying to create a pleasurable experience. Such things as setting, aroma and sound can be equally as important as touch when trying to arouse a woman. Knowing what your partner enjoys and taking the time to show them how much you enjoy their pleasure will often produce exciting, frequent and memorable sexual experiences.

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