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Seven Signs That Your Lady is Leaving

Knowing When Your Relationship is in Trouble
  When a relationship is in real trouble most people are aware of the signs, but which signs would be the best guy's tips for an ending? Many women choose to hide their decision to end it until they feel secure about their next step. Whether this step is to them, another guy, a living situation or a career move it may take some time to prepare and in the meantime you are only given the smallest window to either catch on, or fix the situation.

  If you have found yourself wondering whether or not the woman in your life might be looking for an exit from your relationship you may have already picked up on some subtle signs. Reading this very article probably means one of the following:
  • You believe the lady in your life is going to break up with you soon.

  • You wish the lady in your life would end your relationship, or are thinking of doing it yourself.

  • The worst possibility appeals to your paranoid mind and you really have nothing to worry about, go kiss your sweetheart and stop panicking.

  • Articles about relationships simply appeal to your nature of wanting to stay informed and prepared to have the best relationships you can, good for you!

  • You meant to click on an article about women's body language but become intrigued after reading the subtitle of this article and now want to finish it.


  The first real question you must ask yourself if you suspect that your girlfriend/wife is going to leave you is whether or not this is what you want. Though the original thought of ending your relationship may have been provided by your lady, that doesn't mean that on some level you didn't want this to happen.

  Once you know how you feel about the end of your relationship it may become a great deal easier to proceed in a direction. If you think that calling it a day is the right thing to do then you can simply sit down with your partner and talk it out.

  If on the other hand you hope to salvage your relationship and are looking for ways to fix the existing problems you may be required to be a bit more subtle. If your lady has continuously asked that you solve problems or deal with issues that you have been avoiding this might be the time to attend to them. In some cases it's simply that a relationship has become stale or boring and you just need to remind your lady that you can be exciting and romantic. Taking the time to really pay attention to any sources of strain on the relationship will probably be of great help to.

  In many cases if you ask women about a particular problem and they are still looking for solutions that will keep the relationship intact, you may get the opportunity to resolve the issue before it destroys your chances for staying together.

  While a feeling that something is wrong in your relationship may be accurate it can be difficult to proceed without any real signs. Here are some of the most common and sometimes easily missed signs that a woman is thinking about ending her relationship:

  • Gone Silent: Unless previously a very quiet woman, if your sweetheart has become resistant to sharing her day and general thoughts with you this is often a bad sign. This often means that your lady no longer wants to include you in her daily routine and may be practicing for a future without you.
  • Horribly Hostile: Many men feel as though women are capable of snapping at them for any little issue, however if you notice her biting your head off over things she would usually not be angry about, it might be because she is fed up with you.
  • Secretive: A typical strategy before a breakup is to begin planning how and when to leave long before the act is carried out. If you believe you lady is keeping any information from you this maybe the cause; either this or perhaps she is cheating, but that often means an ending too.
  • No Kisses, No Love: Women are often far more likely to be physically passionate when they are feeling happy about their relationships; if the kisses have suddenly stopped coming you may be in trouble.
  • Suddenly Depressive: Even if a woman has made the decision to break off her currently relationship that doesn't mean she is thrilled about having to do so; if your sweetheart is inexplicably and suddenly very unhappy whenever you are together perhaps it's because she is trying to prepare for the worst.
  • New Friends Who Hate You: Men often joke that women travel in packs and if the pack mentality applies to your lady then you have to watch out for any friends that may have it in for you. Though your lady may not be so easily influenced it is still important to make sure that if anyone has her ear, you have the opportunity to know what's going on.

  Whether these signs mean that your sweetheart is thinking of ending your relationship, or perhaps that she is simply experiencing some problems in another area of her life and needs your support, it is important to pay attention to any of them and take action should they appear. In many cases if a woman is showing you such signs, but has not yet broken it off, you may still have an opportunity to show her how much you care for her and that together you can resolve any problem that might keep you apart.

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