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  Though it's often more common for men to be represented as the commit phobic gender, many women in today's society are skittish about being tied to the wrong man. Because we have seen so many changes take place over the last half century many of the old clichés have been tossed away leaving both men and women wondering what move to make next.

  Women today often juggle many of the old typically female tasks with those of a busy career and a caring partner. With so many of these standard expectations being placed on women many of them are avoiding entering into a committed relationship.

  Though a large percentage of the female population still leans toward motherhood the required time involved often forces them to make very difficult choices. A common theory that has cropped up in recent years indicates that many women feel as though they can't depend on a partner to share the responsibilities of both career and parenthood and therefore decide to eliminate the need for a partner altogether.


  How is it that so many women have arrived at such a fiercely independent, sometime cynical stage? In some cases they looked on as their parents endured a bad relationship and in others many women found that they simply became jaded after experiencing too many disappointing relationships.

  If you find yourself dating, or in a casual relationship with a lovely lady who may be a bit hesitant to commit you may have to ease her into it by allowing her to see what a wonderful partner you would make. By focusing on the positive aspects of a relationship and showing her that the only rules that apply are the ones you decide upon together, you may just be able to win her over.

  While the range of topics which might make any woman feel too tied down is an enormous one, many women experience similar reactions to some of the more common issues which are typically tied to relationships. The importance of not overwhelming her before you get a chance to show her just how wonderful your future together might be is crucial and may require a great deal of patience and stealth on your part.

  Certainly the subject of how a man can interest a woman in a committed relationship is not as common as the usual guys tips; but as more and more men find that they must pursue, rather than be pursued in this area the question of how to put the ball in their court becomes a serious one.

  Avoiding potentially negative situations or subjects while still trying to hint at building a future together is no easy task. Be sure to balance out your milder hints with your heavy hitting questions or comments so that you don't send her scampering off.  With some keen observation into what has soured her on the idea of commitment and a little creative romance you may just be able to change her mind.

  • Marriage: After attending a wedding together you settle back in the hotel hot tub and discuss the events of the day.

    Mild: You express your wish for the newlyweds to enjoy a happy marriage together.
    Medium: After casually mentioning how happy the newlyweds looked you admit to being a little jealous.
    Major: Snuggling up to your lady friend you inquire about her thoughts on wedding styles and who might be on her guest list.
    Freaking Out: While soaking your latest bunion you suggest that perhaps the two of you should fly to Vegas and get hitched.
  • Out with the Boys: While hanging out at the bar with your friends, enjoying a phenomenally good game on the big screen(s) your cell phone begins playing your lady friend's ringtone.

    Mild: Explaining that you can't talk long you tell her that you're having fun and will talk to her after the final score.
    Medium: While describing the last half an hour of the game you assure her you'll still be able to make your dinner plans, though you probably won't have time to change.
    Major: Reminding her of her promise to come out with you to the next game you yell to the bartender that next week he'll be able to meet your future wife.
    Freaking Out: After giving her a play-by-play account of the game you assure her that when you move in together her antiques will go well with your team theme bedroom set.
  • Family: After receiving an email from one of your parents about the upcoming holidays you become aware that she has noticed your tensing facial expression.

    Mild: After giving her the general idea you laugh and remind her that everyone gets stressed around the holidays.
    Medium: Mentioning the upcoming holidays you inquire about any plans she might have with her family.
    Major: You reveal that your mother has asked about whether or not you'll be bringing a guest to the cabin this year.
    Freaking Out: While explaining some odd family traditions you inquire about what experience she has had with babysitting triplets and whether or not she'll need snowshoes.

  • Children: While doing some window shopping together you notice a father and son in a candy store window laughing.

    Mild: Pointing out the window display you aim your finger in the direction of the child.
    Medium: Mentioning a fondness for children you express that visiting this store would be something any child would love to do.
    Major: Directly pointing out the father and son you express your desire to have children someday.
    Freaking Out: Again pointing out the father and child you simply turn to her and ask "What do you say, let's have one?!"
  • Jealousy: After arriving at the restaurant late your sweetheart apologizes and admits that her tardiness is the result of getting a quick drink with an attractive coworker.

    Mild: You assure her it was no big deal and lightly inquire about where she went.Medium: After cracking a joke about being jealous of this coworker you laugh it off and ask her if she's hungry.
    Major: Admitting that you feel a little jealous of the coworker you inquire about whether or not you have any reason to be.
    Freaking Out: After letting her know that you do not appreciate her lateness you remind her that when you're married you won't be standing for this sort of thing.

  However you choose to show your romantic interest the positive aspects of being in a committed relationship it's important that you remain patient of her hesitation. If possible you may try to ask women in your life who may have some insight into your lady friend's particular resistance to relationships. Though you may not be able to romance her right away, in time if you continue to show her how good your life could be together you must succeed in winning the heart of your special someone.

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