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  With the advances in medical science and more attention being paid to overall health many people are discovering that the age of thirty just isn't what it used to be. Many people experience difficulty when reaching an age that will leave their twenties behind forever, but the cause for concern has become less and less as our society changes the perception of what the third decade of life means to most.

  Improved Odds:

  Many relationship statistics show that couples who find one another in their thirties often have an excellent chance of staying in a lasting relationship. This is perhaps because many people continue to feel young and healthy during this age, but have shed some of the inexperience of their youth.

  A great many individuals begin dating by feeling nervous and uncertain of how they are supposed to act, or what they can expect from others. Dating and flirting tips may improve the confidence of any younger romance seeker, but nothing compares to experience.

  One of the perks of age is that many of the troubles of youth dissolve away. Many people in their thirties become more confident about their lives in general and it is this confidence that can be so incredibly attractive to others.


  Tips: When looking for love it is important to remember that age often brings about a sense of maturity that youth simply cannot offer. Making good use of the fact that many people in their thirties are looking for lasting commitments may help you when looking for romance.

  Sound Occupation:

  Though certainly age does not guarantee success, those who have a chosen profession are usually in a more stable position than they may have been in their twenties. A great many people buy their first homes during their thirties and are well on their way to feeling secure about their life choices.

  The importance of financial security is often more important to people in this age group than in previous ones.  Those in their twenties are often content to get by, without focusing on plans for the future; whereas those in a later age group often tend to look ahead, even as far as retirement.

  Tips: Allowing your romantic interests to see that you have an interest in financial stability and are looking ahead towards a sound future is an excellent way to express your good qualities.

  Healthy Reminders:

  It is common for those in their thirties to begin noticing that the privileges of youth can melt away without care. Many bad physical habits that can be neglected in the earlier years become apparent without care. It may be these sudden changes that have so many people in their thirties looking to healthier alternatives to their previous lifestyles.

  Many recent polls show that a large percentage of people in their thirties take much better care of their bodies than those in their twenties and teens; resulting in a huge portion of the population that not only looks great, but feels it as well.


  Tips: Having even a moderate awareness of your physical health and taking the necessary steps to maintain it can be an extremely attractive attribute in romance. Many activities also present excellent dating opportunities which can prove useful.

  New Appearances:

  Perhaps the most difficult part of aging, at least when it comes to romance, is that most people simply do not look the same way that they did in their earlier years. Obviously, many people in their thirties still maintain incredibly looks and should not lament too much about lost youth. For those that find this problem particularly bothersome the aging process can be tough.

  It is important to remember that though many aspects of our society celebrate youth, aging can in some cases improve the looks of certain people. There are those who might not be entirely rid of their baby fat until later years, or those who took no interest in exercise until their bodies reminded them of the consequences.

  If a person only takes the time to look there are often many new developments of aging that may counter the negative appearances. Many people in their thirties also develop a sense of style that they simply did not bother to notice previously and this may account for why fashion makes a radical change during this time period for so many.

  Tips: Because many people experience physical changes as they age, it is important to allow yourself to change too. Though you may not be twenty anymore it doesn't mean that you can't be incredibly sexy. Find the right style to suit your transitioned self and be confident enough not to let a few more miles take away from your sensuality.

  Communication Expertise:

  Unlike those experiencing romance for the first time, many people in their thirties have known the pleasures and pain of love. Whether or not a lasting relationship has been yet to be found, the experience can be of great use when looking for romance.

  With so many new methods of dating from singles bars to loading up the best online dating site; many adult singles are finding that their experience in matters of the heart can be handy in the digital age. This expertise can be expressed in conversation or knowing how to set up the perfect online dating profile and can truly give an edge to those who know what they want and how to attract it.

  Experience also not only lends a hand for those who want to choose their words to seem more attractive. This form of knowledge can be handy in many different situations. From flirting online to arguments in a relationship, having a better understanding of how to connect with others is a huge advantage.

  Many younger, inexperienced couples experience a great deal of drama and chaos in their relationships often due to over emotional states and lack of experience. Those in their thirties may find that not only is finding a solid romance a little easier, but maintaining it is as well.


  Tips: Make good use of the romantic experiences you've had in the past when looking for new love or keeping the romance you've got special. Nothing can prepare you for how you will feel about love better than the experience of going through it. Relationships at this age are often less confusing simply because so many people have had some dealings with both the positive and negative sides of relationships. Using your experience to advantage may help you to avoid repeating any past mistakes.

  Despite the fact that many people look back into their twenties and lament about their lost youth, many would not trade the knowledge they have gained for a chance at shaving some years of the clock. Though there are certain drawbacks that come with age, it is important to remember than people in their thirties have a great many advantages that those in previous generations did not.

  Toss out the outdated way of looking at this third decade of life and instead focus on the many positives that a thirty-something can take advantage of in today's world of romance.

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