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Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Profile

The Best First Impression

  When creating an online profile many people feel eager to begin the process of meeting other singles and may forget some very important details. It is often the subtle differences from profile to profile that catch the eye of those looking to meet others and to assure that yours is the very best that it can be you may want to take the time to review some tips for making the best profiles.


  Any online dating services that include matchmaking help are likely to compare the information you offer in order to find the most suitable romantic candidates. Those who are looking to find like minded people must include any details that might help to make this process more accurate. Remember to include the details of your life so that when you find others who might be just the right person for you the matches are the very best available.


  Good Humor:

  Unlike dating chat where you have the opportunity to explain yourself, writing a profile will be more like a monolog and the first impression that others get of you. If possible, try to include a little humor in your writing so that others get a good sense of how funny and pleasant you can be. This can help to lighten the mood and will often create a better connection right from the start as light humor often puts people at ease. In some cases it may even be one of your lighter profile quotes that really peeks the interest of another member.


  One of the most attractive aspects of an online dating site is that there are so many people within the community. The downside to this is that those who create bland or boring profiles may go unnoticed for some time. When creating your profile it is important to include the interesting aspects of your life so that others get a chance to know you from the very start.

  Including your hobbies and interests, accomplishments and landmarks throughout your life is an excellent way to show yourself off in the best light. Though you must always be careful not to reveal any information that is too personal in a profile, the aspects of your life that you feel most proud of, or most enjoy will often be eye catching to others.


  Many of the very best profiles stand apart from the rest in some way and those looking to impress their future online date would do well to take the time to think of something that would help them shine. Whether it’s a great sense of humor, a fabulous and crazy photo or a really interesting story taken from your own life experience these little differences help to make you stand out in other people’s minds.

  Consider what aspects of your life are unique or rare and take the time to incorporate those details into your profile so that you set yourself apart from the others.

   What You Want:

    Few things create sparks more quickly than realizing that a person might just have you in mind for their ideal romance. When creating a profile an excellent strategy is to include the ideal traits that you hope to find in another person. Though it is important not to be so specific that you risk others losing interest, including a few personality traits or similar interests which you hope to find when you have met your match can be wildly enticing.


  Good Photo:

  A truly great dating profile almost always includes a great picture. This does not mean you have to look like a supermodel and in fact many of the photos that look too professional are looked at skeptically. When taking the photo for your profile it is important that you appear to be enthusiastic and open to meeting others; be sure to smile or at the very least make your picture one that gets attention.

  Certain types of photos may be restricted on specific sites and even if you get away with posting a naughty image you may not enjoy the responses which it brings in. Your photo should best reflect your personality and be an honest representation of you.


  Many people are skeptical of profiles that sound too good to be true and even if every word you write is honest it is important to keep in mind that there are people who tend to embellish, or flat out lie, and you do not want to be mistaken for one of them. When sharing your details with others try to keep it as open and honest as you can without sounding too smug or self involved. Remember that if you have amazing and impressive stories you can always share them with those you develop an interest in.

  Creating a profile that is full of false information is a very poor way to lure people in and a completely ineffective way to make a real match. It is also important to note that those who lie in their profiles and are caught will often find themselves suffering consequences such as being banned from a site or publicly condemned within the community.

  Ideal Date:

  Another wonderfully exciting detail to include in your profile is to describe your ideal date, romance or fantasy. Allowing others to share in your vision of time spent together is not only a great way to break the ice, but an excellent way to gain their interest.

  Life Goals:

  Sharing your life goals and aspirations in your profile is a wonderful way to find like-minded people who may share or feel enthusiastic about your plans. This type of information is not only useful to the relationship bound, those who love dating and are hoping only to have a little fun may also find that including such details helps them to find more interesting people to flirt with.

  Up to Date:

  Keeping your profile up to date is an extremely important aspect of staying in touch with the community. Many people skip profiles that have been neglected without even looking them over simply because they do not wish to waste their time getting in contact with a person who is less enthusiastic about finding a match.


  Maintaining your profile and adding any exciting new additions or pictures is a wonderful way to let others know you are open to sharing about yourself. This will also improve your credibility as it allows others to see how eager you are to get into the community and meet other singles.

  Always keep in mind that your online profile is the first impression you are allowed to make with others and ever you should begin to feel that it requires too much effort, just remember, the partner of your dreams might just be out there, looking for your introduction.

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