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Creating the Best Online Photo

  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and this is just as true for online profiles as it is anywhere else. Most people assume that an attractive photo will do the trick, but there are a lot more components to a great photo than an attractive person and knowing about the elements that will increase your chances when looking to meet single women may give you that extra edge you’ve been looking for.

  For those of you who have already signed up with an online dating community, you may want to review and change profile picture types based on the idea that you know what women want to see. This could greatly increase the number of invites or responses you get as most data shows that pictures are the first and last thing looked at when browsing through profiles.


  Understanding what women look for in online dating photos and making sure that you try to hit these key elements has been shown to improve the number of responses you get and allow you to be more selective about the type of women who respond. Though the written portion of the profile is largely responsible for truly connecting with others.

  Top Things Women Want to See in Your Photo:

  • It’s All in the Details:

    In order to meet single women online you will need to show something more about yourself than just your general looks. While you do need to be careful about revealing any personal information that you don’t want advertised, you can make profile picture scenes that really show a great deal about your life. Additions such as favorite books, hobbies and general interests can really catch the eye. You may also be lucky enough to grab the attention of a lady who shares your passions and make an immediate connection before she has had chance to read more about your enthusiasms.

    Choosing your community is a very important first step which can help you with where to meet women, but more importantly the type of women that will inters you. A profile picture can further help you with selection with some very important issues and can be explained by a simple glance at your photo. Showing your faith, for example may help to create an instant bond. Displaying your political views, subtly, but proudly may also help you to be more selective in who’s attention you catch. While certain issues may not be important to you in a relationship, the ones that are may be a great place to break the ice with a special woman.

    Displaying your accomplishments can be another great edition if added tastefully. Remember that while you’re trying to attract women, a huge ego doesn’t often do the trick. If you have items of notoriety try to place them in the background in a setting that they would seem natural in and allow others to see how valuable you are without looking pretentious.

  • Hey Good Lookin’:

    Now there’s no denying that a sexy snapshot will catch the eye of interested women, but being attractive is often considered by most ladies to be a nice bonus, not the main feature. Most online dating advice reveals that when looking to grab the attention of a lady you should focus more on how you’re presenting yourself than worrying about whether or not you’re movie star material. A good looking slob, for example might get passed over far more often than a moderately attractive, but well groomed one. Taking the time to make sure that you and your surroundings appear well cared for is a great way to improve the overall look of your photo.

    A great way to discourage women from wanting to get to know you is to indicate that you can’t take care of yourself and your home. Despite what trendy sitcoms may teach you, most women do not want a relationship with someone who needs constant looking after. Show your independence and value by sprucing up in your photo and looking confident.

  • Fake = Fail:

    One of the top issues most women have in relationships and dating is trust. If a woman senses that your photo isn’t a true reflection of you and your life she may just move on. This deception, however small , can immediately send a signal that you are untrustworthy and it is unlikely that most women will continue on with reading your profile when they already feel suspicious.

    Many people are tempted to fake this or that in their online photos because they want to appear attractive. The fine line between looking your best and serious alterations may at times be confusing. The pressure to look good may make you want to photo shop until there is almost no resemblance left, but this would be a horrible mistake.

    Consider how you would feel on that first date when you thought you were meeting a starlet and you ended up with the swamp thing. Not only does this exacerbate any physical flaws, but it is a huge deception that cannot be taken back. Remember that your photo should simply show you at your best and to have a little faith that the woman of your dreams will find you to be picture perfect because she likes the real you.


  Creating perfect profile picture may go a long way to helping you find the woman of your dreams. The wrong photo may in turn let her pass right by. Most people are so busy in today’s world that skipping through photos may be the only chance you have to grab their attention. Make sure that you don’t miss your chance by focusing on the best way to grab and hold her attention.

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